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The Republic of Panama offers a special immigration program for citizens of more than 50 Countries. In approx. 3 months, the applicant and families receive the following benefits: PANAMA LIFETIME RESIDENCY, PANAMA ID CARD and a PERMANENT WORK PERMIT.  It is also possible to apply as a "Pensioner" or as a "Retiree", the Panama Government grants the Retiree great DISCOUNTS and special TAX BENEFITS. Additionally, if Panama has signed a "Double Tax Treaty" with your country of origin, it is also possible to receive a Legal "PANAMA TAX RESIDENCY STATUS".


Minimal Requirements


You should prepare some minimal documents before your trip to Panama, such as: Non-Criminal Records, Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificates for kids, and a copy of your National ID. (Notice: Please contact us for detailed documents needed to apply, each case variesbased on the ages of the family members in the process).  All documents must be APOSTILLED (Hague Convention) or LEGALIZED in the nearest Panama Consulate in your home country.


According to the Immigration Act (better known as the Panama Friendly Nations Program), besides the international documents needed, some elements must be exhibited upon your arrival, related to your “immigration intentions or purposes”. 



You must provide proofs of your "professional" or "commercial" purpose to move to Panama. For “professional” purposes it is necessary to have, prior to your departure, a “Job Invitation Letter” from a local company (…not the employment itself), but if it not possible to obtain by the time of application, the Act allows to file a Panama Company instead of (just the initial documents), and being the applicant its legal representative.  

Finally, it is also necessary to open a Personal Bank Account with a minimal amount of approx. 5,000 USD$ to prove some initial “economic solvency”. To make expedite the opening of this bank account in Panama, we recommend you in advance to bring at least 2 bank references from your country or from any international banking institution worldwide.  

For more information about panama bank accounts visit:


Click HERE to see the applicable LIST of COUNTRIES allowed by the Friendly Nations Residency Program in Panama..!

Living in Panama as a Retiree

If you are retired or pensioned from any German , Austrian, Canadian, European or an American Public Institution, and earn a monthly payment of approx. 1,000 USD$ or 1,200 EUROS, you and your family do qualify for a LIFETIME RESIDENCY IN PANAMA with a PANAMA ID, plus multiple tax benefits and special discounts. According to the National Migration Service of Panama, there is no minimum or maximum AGE to apply under this Pensioned Visa Program modality.  The documents needed are simple and minimal. Please contact us for specific requirements)


Parents, kids and spouses may be included at the same time within the visa application forms, regardless of their nationalities and origins, getting the same benefits (lifetime residency) as the main Canadian, US or European Citizen applicant. 

It is important to know that kids just need a "birth certificate" but adults sons can only apply until 25 years old, so because of their legal age, adult sons must be enrolled at local universities by the time of family application. 

Panama Citizenship

Those who wish to become citizens of Panama can only do so once they have been a legal resident of the country for a minimum of 5 years. An expat must have the status of PERMANENT RESIDENCY, rather than retired or tourist status. If you are married to a Panamanian citizen or have Panamanian children. Then you need wait only 3 years to apply for your own citizenship status. Once the application has been submitted the applicant will need to meet with the Electoral Tribunal and submit to examinations on a number of subjects about Panama. Those who wish to become citizens of Panama can only do so once they have been a legal resident of the country for a minimum of 5 years. An expat must have the status of PERMANENT RESIDENCY, rather than retired or tourist status.

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