About PGS Attorneys

PGS Attorneys is an internationally oriented Law Firm located in Panama City that has established a global service strategy to serve worldwide clients in their relocation needs in Panama for Immigrations and real estate  

Our firm offers a full-service in several legal fields with a staff of lawyers duly trained with legal background in Europe. 

PGS Attorneys is registered according to laws as a Civil Professional Organization and duly recognized by the Panamanian Attorney┬┤s Bar Association, the Panama Chamber of Commerce and the Panama Real Estate Associtation. 

PGS Attorneys 

A Panama Immigration Law Firm

SL55 Tower, 17th floor, Samuel Lewis Avenue, Panama City

Tel +507-3918878

mail@panamags.com   www.PanamaGS.com

Mr.Emilio Cornejo Vernaza

Immigration Law .  Commercial Law . Tax Law Civil Law . Real Estate Law . Attorney at Law -Licensed Realtor .English and Spanish speaker


Mr. Heriberto Estribi

Immigration Law .  Corporate Law . Tax Law . Testamentary Law . Asset Protection . Attorney at Law -Licensed Realtor . Englishand Spanish speaker


Mr.Edwin Becerra

Immigration Law . Maritime Law . Commercial Law . Civil Law . Attorney at Law . English and Spanish speaker