If you are developing an online business or technology services, traveling the world, you are a "digital nomad". Considering that Panama has a high Internet connectivity with an ideal geographic location, a banking center, with comfortable business offices for digital jobs, many digital nomads are considering moving to the country to structure their international trades and online business from Panama.

Legal Services for "Digital Nomads" in Panama

Our experience for more than 10 years with digital investors of different nationalities, has shown us that part of the success of the digital business, depends on the way you formulate a correct legal structure for your income and clients worldwide. The correct structure for an international digital business depends on several elements to be considered, such as: a territorial fiscal status, immigration residency, bank accounts, international corporate entities, among others.

Panama Tax Residency and the "183 days rule" 

Based on the several “Double Tax Treaties” with more the 40 countries worldwide, being a Panamanian Permanent Resident, you as a Digital Nomad can request to our local tax authorities your Panama Tax Residency Status based on the “strongest ties rule”, having the benefits of the Panama tax system, by spending more than 183 days in the country.

A very interesting interview about PANAMA, from the well-known German Entrepreneur, Mr. Christoph Heuerman “The Perpetual Traveler”, a long-term customer of PGS Attorneys in Panama City, Panama. 

WHY PANAMA for digital noMads?

Panama does not tax foreign income (not even internet profit), and has a very convenient immigration residency known as “Friendly Nations Visa”, so you as a Digital Nomad can establish a “Panama Corporation”, “Panamanian Residency”, get a “lifetime Work Permit”, a “Panama Tax Number” and even “Panama ID card”.   



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