In order to apply into the Panama Immigration Service at the Panama Friendly Countries Program, we recommend you to prepare in advance the following documents:

  • Copy of your personal passport (data page)
  • Copy of your nationality ID Card
  • Two bank reference letters (to open your bank account in Panama)
  • Copy of Proof of income (Tax Return, Job letter, etc.)
  • Birth Certificates (if minors kids apply)
  • Married Certificates
  • Non-criminal records

Documents upon arrival in Panama:

  • Open a personal bank account in Panama 
  • Get a Letter of your reservation at an hotel in Panama or buy / renting a property in the city
  • 6 passport photos seize 
  • File a Panama Company ( this is just to proof a commercial purpose to immigrate into the country). 

*** Please contact us for more specific information about documents and steps to immigrate to Panama:  +507-391-8878 or



Besides all documents you have to bring with you, dully legalized from your home country, if you have not a job offer upon you arrival to Panama, the act allows you to proof a “commercial spirit” be register a Panama Company (just initial documents), so you proof to the immigration authorities that your are open to start-up a possible future business in Panama. To create this company takes 4 days, and there is NO need to pay capital, NOT recruitment of employees, neither fiscal liability. Please contact us for more detailed information about this immigration requirement.


Additionally, the local immigration regulations requires you to "open a personal bank account" locally, with 5,000 US dollars. The money deposited in your personal account, will not be retained by theImmigration Service. The authority only needs you to file a “Bank Reference Letter or statement” with this amount.

*** Please contact us for more specific information about documents and steps to immigrate to Panama:  +507-391-8878 or

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